Bryant Express Picks For Bryant Cardholders

starTake a chance--look for the Stars! You may find a book you've been waiting for! As an extension of our effort to get current, in demand titles to you faster, this special collection of Fiction, Non-Fiction and DVDs has been created.  Look for the Gold Star on the spine and you're on a fast track to satisfy your current craving!

Here's how Bryant Express Picks works:

One (1) Express book and one DVD per cardholder - No reserves or renewals
(Remember the idea is to keep this collection circulating on a fast track!)

  • Fiction circulates for 14 days 
  • Non-Fiction circulates for 14 days 

If you find an Express Pick for which you already have a Reserve, please let Circulation know so that they may get that book to the next patron.



Career Center
Everything (or almost everything) you need to know about jobs, education and careers is in one compact area.

The Career Management Center is essentially a miniature library, with circulation and reference sections, some specialty areas. As in the larger library, books marked with the yellow "Reference" sticker or stamped "Reference - Does Not Circulate" may be used only in the library. Examples of the types of books that are available are: resume, cover letter, interview skills guides, Civil Service exam listings & aids, graduate & professional school entrance exam aids, as well as books on various careers, occupations, etc. The shelves near the Career section lists job postings and other relevant information.

Dawn Rosenberg McKay, a career specialist, will offer assistance with all career-related issues including career choice, resume writing, job interviewing and workplace success. Ms. McKay has over two decades of experience helping people navigate their careers. She has worked with them one-on-one in a library setting and has published numerous articles and several books on the topic. Ms. McKay runs the Career Planning site on (

She will be available by calling the Reference Desk for an appointment at 621-2240, ext. 240 on Tuesday evenings, beginning at 4:30. Please print and fill out a Client Intake Form before your appointment. They are also available at the Reference Desk, so if you can't print it out, please plan on arriving ten minutes prior to your appointment time.

Career Assessment

  • Effective Job Search Techniques
  • Defining Career Goals
  • Resume & Cover Letter Guidelines
  • Interviewing & Salary Negotiations
  • Targeting Job Search & Key Employers
  • Personal Effectiveness Coaching
  • Education Choices & Requirements for Careers
  • Job vs. Self-Employment Option